Wednesday, April 28, 2010

5 String Cigar Box Banjo

Born in early summer of 2008, our 5 String Cigar Box Banjo has generated a ton of buzz. Designed with awesome detail, handcrafted and tested, this unique banjo has a sound that is incredible to your ears. It is smaller and weighs less than a typical banjo, making it a great travel instrument, but do not be fooled by its small appearance. It is deceptively loud for its size.
A standard 5 string banjo is crafted withzither pin tail tuners and is non electric, but can be made electric at an extra cost. When ordering an instrument or kit, the cigar box is Papa’s choice.
Handcrafted Papa’s semi-headless design Select hard maple neck Carbon Fiber reinforced neck Black walnut finger board Inlay position markers 26” scale 22 frets to the body Zero fret Zither pin tail tuners (standard) Adjustable action Floating bridge Metal string guard Decorative OG
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